Auto Enrolment Solutions for Business in Northern Ireland

Complying with the new Workplace Reforms (Auto Enrolment) is one more headache for employers to face. As Independent Financial Advisors, we provide Northern Ireland’s small to medium sized businesses with an end to end solution for Auto Enrolment Pensions.

As an employer, one of the most important concerns will be complying with the new regulations in a cost effective manner. We guide you through this process from start to finish.

We will help you

  • Comply with the new Workplace Pension Regulations
  • Avoid Fines for non-compliance (Fines of up to £10,000 per day!)
  • Deliver a solution that strengthens your relationship with your workforce

The clock is ticking for your workplace pension review!

It can take around 6 months to prepare! Call 02895 815000 – CLICK TO GET STARTED

It is time for Professional Help!

The new Auto Enrolment Regulations may have you pulling your hair out but we’re not suggesting you call in the men in white coats just yet. We can guide you through the new Company Pension Legislation and guide you right through to complying with your regulatory requirements. We provide Independent Pensions Advice with Simple Solutions that will reduce your workload.

With our Workplace Pension review service you will:

  • Learn how Auto Enrolment will affect your company
  • Receive simple and actionable information on how to tackle the New Pension Rules
  • Receive a Detailed Timeline of the actions you need to take
  • Be recommended an appropriate Pension Provider for your company

Our goal is to free up your time so that you can get on with running your business in a profitable manner.

Call in a Pensions Professional to prepare your business for work place pension reform before it’s too late.

Claim Your Exclusive Auto Enrolment Pensions Report (At Our Expense)

If like most companies across Northern Ireland, you are aware of the impending Auto Enrolment Pension Reforms but simply do not know how where to start then we can provide you with a 5 Step Personalised Auto Enrolment Pension Report online today.

What will the report show?

  • The Auto Enrolment Changes & when they will affect you
  • What Actions you need to take
  • The Potential Fines for non-compliance
  • How our Auto Enrolment Team can help you

This auto enrolment pension report is worth £150-450 depending on the complexity of your business and is being offered to you at no cost.


What will From Acorns Auto Enrolment Advice provide?

  • Independent Advice – We review the entire market to bring you a suitable solution
  • Jargon free information – We prefer simple solutions explained in lay man’s terms
  • Detailed analysis – We will assess any existing pension arrangements to ensure it complies with Auto Enrolment
  • Cost Analysis – We will illustrate any additional administration expenses involved
  • Confidence – Your company pension requirements will be met by a Professional Financial Advisor
  • Local Support – The support of a local business based in Mid Ulster, Northern Ireland who will travel to your place of business

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Companies must prepare for Auto Enrolment

As an employer of one or more workers, to meet your Auto Enrolment responsibilities you must

  • Assess your work force
  • Inform your employees of their assessment & options
  • Enroll eligible jobholders into a suitable workplace pension scheme*
  • Contribute to their pension

*This ‘suitable’ Workplace Pension Scheme must meet Government minimum standards

How much will Auto Enrolment Advice Cost?

From Acorns Financial Planning’s Consultancy Service allows your company to take as much advice you feel necessary. Some companies will be able to allocate a number of employees to an Auto Enrolment team which will only require guidance and advice on the most challenging aspects of Workplace Pension Reform. However other companies will need a full end-to-end service to enable them to comply. We will tailor our solution to suit each companies needs and budget.

Our service often includes:

Workforce Assessment We will assess your staff prior to your Staging Date, prepare an in-depth report which provides a detailed picture of where you stand for Auto Enrolment right now and outlines the costs involved.
Payroll Assessment We will review your payroll to ensure your business will be able to comply with regulations by being able to process refunds, various contribution pay periods and the necessary correspondence and record keeping for opt ins and opt outs.
Existing Pension Scheme Assessment We will review your existing company pension scheme to assess its suitability to meet the new Government regulations.
Postponement Options We detail the benefits of postponement in terms of reducing admin costs and will advise on whether it is best for your company to integrate postponement into your scheme solution and how to do so.
Employee Communication In the months leading up to and after your staging date we will keep your employees educated with their Auto Enrolment option by providing you with clear relevant information to convey to your employees, at the right time.
Workplace Presentations We will provide presentations to your workforce at your place of work placing them at the heart of the process and allowing them to ask the questions that are relevant to them. This will also reduce your administrative burden by providing a forum for them to express any concerns.
Salary Exchange This may reduce ongoing costs and potentially provide extra contributions into your employee’s pensions and as such we will present the benefits and options to you.
Implementation We will assist you in setting up a suitable pension scheme and we will make recommendations on contribution levels for each segment of your workforce. We will recommend a Default Investment Choice and a range of funds for differing attitudes to investment risk.
Pensions Workshops We will provide ongoing support for employers and/or employees in the form of annual pensions workshops at you place of work.

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